Investing in Index Funds


What is an Index Fund?

There are a many variations when it comes to this type of investments. Some of these include the S&P 500, Real Estate, International, and various other broad spectrum holdings. The way this fund works is by closely following the market. For example, the S&P 500 Index Fund keeps its holdings based on the S&P 500. Therefore, as the market changes you immediately see the changes in your fund’s value.

The destructive Credit Card


Credit cards give us the freedom to make purchases when we are in a pinch and have no other means. In this instance, it is easy to just swipe your card and go. This can be extremely helpful when you need some extra cash in a hurry.

They may also raise your credit score. This is dependent upon the usage, balance, and payment history. A good credit rating is very helpful in purchasing a home or vehicle. You must be sure to keep your balance low and pay on your card every month or this can be detrimental.

Credit Score Assassination

The vast majority of people today have a large amount debt. We are told that we need to obtain credit cards, mortgage loans, vehicle loans, and numerous other items on credit to build a good credit score. Therefore, the vast majority of people today have a large amount of debt. The dangerous trend leads us to a lifetime of paying more than what a product is worth.