Should I Invest the Max in my 401k?

What is a 401k?

The 401k is an awesome investment opportunity for retirement. It allows you to defer paying income taxes on any money that you place into this account up to $18,500.00 in 2018. If you are over 50, you may also contribute an additional $6,000.00 as catch up.

Building an Investment Safety Net

When discussing our future, we need to have access to emergency funds. This should be the first item on any financial freedom venture. Conventional wisdom states that we need to have quick access to three to six months of our income to be safe. As mentioned in¬†Credit Score Assassination, we don’t want our safety net to be from Credit Cards.

Credit Score Assassination

The vast majority of people today have a large amount debt. We are told that we need to obtain credit cards, mortgage loans, vehicle loans, and numerous other items on credit to build a good credit score. Therefore, the vast majority of people today have a large amount of debt. The dangerous trend leads us to a lifetime of paying more than what a product is worth.